Your hot body begins with a hot core
A workout dvd featuring stephen reichert
exercises for abs and a sexy lower back
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Approx. Time

2 minutes
3 minutes
33 minutes
4 minutes
Fat-Loss Tips
3 minutes
45 minutes

Equipment Needed
Mat, or soft, carpeted floor

Optional Equipment
Inflatable Exercise Ball
Medicine Ball

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Are you ready to have sexy abs and a healthy lower back? Get Hot to the Core today!
Cost: $20, plus $4.99 S/H
Sexy, ripped abs . . . a slim, tight waistline . . . the sculpted physique dazzles your eyes. It’s the hot body you’ve dreamed of having! Now, it’s within reach. Let personal trainer Steven Reichert show you how in this home workout video.

Define and Strengthen Your Core Muscles

Hot to the Core features exercises that define and strengthen your abs and lower back. These are your “core” muscles, stabilizing your entire body. Improving your core strength gives you a solid foundation for better aerobic exercise, weight training, and sports performance. If you want a hot body, start with a hot core!

In this workout DVD featured in Oxygen Magazine, Steven will demonstrate exercises he uses with his private clients. You can workout along with this video or add these exercises to your gym routine.

Learn 21 Exercises for a Hot, Sexy Waistline

Hot to the Core starts with a high-energy warmup to prepare your body for the workout. Then, Steven will show you 21 of his most effective exercises to target your abdominals and low back. Every exercise is designed to give you a hot, sexy waistline. To view a video clip of the workout, click here.

If you want chiseled abs, Steven will lead you through an amazing abs workout. You'll learn how to eliminate cheating and do effective ab crunches. If you have low back pain or a weak back, this fitness DVD is for you. Steven will show you exercises to improve your low back strength. The result is improved biomechanics, posture, and balance.

Bonus Section: Fat Loss Tips

After the workout, Steven will give you weight loss tips for your midsection. Remember, to have a thin waist and ripped abs, you must reduce your body fat in addition to doing ab exercises.

Proper nutrition and cardiovascular exercise are important in achieving a flat tummy. Steven will suggest ways to cut calories through smart food choices and smaller portion sizes. You’ll also learn how to rev-up your metabolism by changing the timing of your meals. To help you burn more fat , Steven will give you a cardiovascular exercise plan.

Meet Your Trainer

Personal trainer Steven Reichert helps clients achieve lean, healthy bodies. His dynamic, high-energy workouts are designed for losing fat and gaining muscle.

Steven’s fitness coaching style inspires clients to push through obstacles and reach their fitness goals. He gives smart, detailed instructions so every exercise provides maximum results. Outside the gym, Steven helps clients make lifestyle choices that turn goals into reality.

As an athlete, Steven competes in running events, triathlons, and wallyball (similar to volleyball, but played in a racquetball court).

Based in Washington, D.C., Steven is certified as a personal trainer by the Aerobics and Fitness Association of America. For more information, visit


DVD CREDITS: Executive Producer: Steven Reichert Video Production: Small Army Productions
Fábio Câmara Editor: Will Stroud Cameras: Will Stroud and Zack Cookman
Filmed at: Fábio Câmara Studios, Greensboro, NC Photography: Fábio Câmara
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